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The classic micromouse maze solving challenge involves having a fully autonomous robot explore a maze. The maze will consist of a 16x16 grid of cells each 180mm x 180mm. Between the cells will be walls 12mm thick and 50mm high.

The robot starts in a corner cell and must find its way the goal which is one of the four cells in the maze centre.

When it starts, the robot will have no knowledge of the position of any of the interior walls of the maze.

After locating the goal area, the robot must explore until it has found an optimal route and then return to the start to run back to the goal as fast as possible.

Rules can be found here:

The half size micromouse maze solving contest is a development of the classic contest. The rules are almost identical except that the dimensions of each cell are half that of the classic contest. The maze is now 32 x 32 cells and the goal may be any rectangular region that will be specified in advance.

Rules can be found here:

The line follower challenge requires that the robot follow a white, 19mm wide line on a black background. The track formed by the line forms a complete loop which may have crossing points. The length is not specified before the event but will be less than 60m in total.

Turns are formed as fixed-radius arcs of unspecified length. The minimum radius will be 100mm.

At each change in curvature a marker will be placed to one side of the line.

The robot must start and finish within a straight section that is designated by markers on the opposite side to the turn markers.

Rules can be found here:

The robot is required to run a straight track made from a 19mm wide white line on a black background. The total track length os 7.2m long with a finish line 6m from the start line. Robots are required to stop before the end of the 7.2m track.

This event is a knock-out contest with pairs or robots running against each other. The fastest robot wins and goes through to the next round.

Rules can be found here:

For this challenge, the robot must be able to navigate a classic micromouse maze from start to goal by following either the left or the right walls of the maze.

The robot will rely upon contact with any of the walls or the posts for navigation.

Rules can be found here:

Wall followers and Maze Solvers are both able to compete in this event. The aim is to test the speed, acceleration, cornering and directional control of 'mice' on a known course, under ideal conditions, and to complete the circuit in the fastest time possible.

For this challenge, the track is the set of cells around the outside of the classic micromouse maze. The robot must run at least one complete circuit in the shortest possible time

Rules can be found here: